Think outside of the box. What box?

Thinking outside the box is a metaphor that means to think differently, unconventionally, or from a new perspective. It is unique and creative thinking.

To come up with something really new it is necessary to think outside of the box and thinking of things beyond the obvious. Staying in the box is basic to learn about self, others and shared thinking.

Learning Never Ends
Practice! Practice! Practice!
Practice writing to improve your skills.

Listen and learn
Creative thinking comes from listening, learning and thinking in new ways. Writers are always listening to learn to improve their craft.

Study unknown religions
Find the similarities and the differences from your own current beliefs.

Study another occupation
Look at a trade magazine in an industry other than your own. Read about their problem solving techniques and compare them to your own processing.

Travel new routes
Drive through new streets and walk new paths to keep yourself alert and interested in reaching familiar destinations.

Attend and participate in a local class.
Learning something new will help you to look at problems with a different point of view.

Read in an unfamiliar genre
Discover a new way of looking at your usual topic. Find a fresh approach to your own writing genre. Mix up the genres to add variety.

Write a poem
Create a poem. It’s your own style that might surprise you. Learn about yourself and others.

Draw a picture
Abstract or real is fine. Draw about a problem you are working on at this point in time. Put a date on the artwork for future references. Adult coloring books are popular now.

Complete a puzzle
Solve a word puzzle, word search, puzzle pieces from various topics, brain teasers and more.

Look at things from a new point of view.
Discovering different angles can lead to new patterns of problem solving. Ask yourself how a child might find a solution.

Vary the outcomes
Visualize an outcome, then work backwards to see how the story unfolded. It might take mentally viewing several outcomes to resolve the issue. Learn from each out of the box approach.

Mix it up
Writing notes, partial sentences, long involved paragraphs or short thoughts will provide a new view of the situation.

Albert Einstein said “We can not solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”

Thinking outside the box allows for a way to come up with new ideas. The willingness to explore to be different by listening to others allows for new perspectives in the day to day world.
Ready to think outside the box and enter a writing contest?

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