To Dream the Impossible Dream

Why do we have hopes and dreams? Are they in storage to keep them safe, or are they for living? They remain an impossible dream unless you live the dreams on your own personal journey. Lack of confidence and fear can destroy even a reasonable dream.

Most of us have experienced wanting something with such passion that we gave up when the dream did not materialize. Not all dreams are in our best interest at the time of the overwhelming desires. Timing is very important. If that dream presents itself again along the road of life, a decision is once again necessary. What will you do? Are you going to change the path not traveled in the past in order to strive for more success or are you going to complain and keep on beating yourself up for not being perfect?

Sometimes the dream is no longer charged with the desires of a time gone by. The only reasonable decision is to let it go.

I traveled those various roads. Some of my dreams were no longer wanted and some were important enough for me to change my goals to be successful. Input from friends and family sometimes caused me to complain and quit. Inside my true self, I knew I had to change the journey in order to meet what seemed like an impossible dream. The most important example came wrapped in my bundle of joy. I gave birth to my son, my only child, when I was age 39. The yearning to be married and have a family was not a goal that I could meet on my own. First came marriage, then came the baby carriage!

Here are some things to consider for you to decide to continue pursuing the impossible dream or to pull out another dream and work on that instead.

Be patient. The brain can not deal with the immensity of a big dream being pressured into a fast reality.

Dreams are not achieved all at one time. Take small steps, focus on the small steps, not the whole dream all at one time.

Don’t expect to know everything as soon as your dream is fulfilled. Give the dream the time and attention it needs to learn how to walk the journey to fulfillment

Perseverance is necessary to reach the unreachable star. Complaining and giving up might come easy. Or do you want to move forward to find more productive ways to achieve those small goals. Each step builds on the previous one to make the next step easier.

Just Do It! Start with the overall goal. Break it down into manageable steps and move forward. The details that need attention will come to the fore when needed. The decisions are yours to continue or go in another direction. It is possible to reach the unreachable star with passion and willingness to work slowly and steadily. Just Do It!

The Impossible Dream song from Man of La Mancha tells us to recognize the quest in order to follow the dream. Gather your courage to take the hits of hopelessness, rejection and the mental and physical scars. Dream the impossible dream to reach the unreachable star.

One man, scorned and covered with scars
Still strove with his last ounce of courage
To reach the unreachable star

The Impossible Dream from MAN OF LA MANCHA (1972)

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