What Writers Know

There are some things that only writers know. These things can only be learned by living the life of a writer. There is no way to guess what it is like until you do it.

☆ Writers know what it feels like to have vague ideas and messages so deep inside that it feels you’ll die if you don’t get them out.

☆ Writers know there is no single path or playbook for writers to follow. Do what works best for you. Listen to the voices in your head. Train and trust them.

☆ Writers know that taking the first steps counts.

☆ Writers must write using their own voice, not write like someone else’s voice. Be yourself. You are unique in your own voice, your own style, your own approach.

☆ Writers know not to get too swept up in debates about outlining or not outlining, whether you should write what you know, whether or not you should edit as you go along or at the end. Experiment and do what works best for you. Write for yourself.

☆ Writers know to never lower their guard when it comes to the basics: Use good spelling, strong mechanics and sound grammar.

☆ Writers know that writing for publication is never easy. They know the pain of having their creativity edited.

☆ Writers know not to be afraid to give up on a particular piece. Sometimes a story just doesn’t work. Don’t waste years suffering on a project you can’t fix. Come back to it much later with a fresh outlook.

☆ Writers know to never really give up. Writers write. It’s what we do. It’s what we have to do.

☆ Writers know they have to write every thought down or risk losing it.

☆ Writers know writing is a solitary endeavor.

☆ Writers know the difference between writing and publishing. One is pleasurable and the other is disappointing. Writers express their creative side. Entrepreneur writers publish their words and become business people known as Authors.

☆ Writers know that two things define you. They are your patience when you have nothing, and your attitude when you have everything.

☆ Writers know they have an emotional tie to their writings. They spend years envisioning it and agonizing over the smallest details. It’s the writers baby!

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