When to hold ‘em and when to fold ’em!

A paraphrase of a country singers song, tells us to know when to hold them and know when to fold them. He is talking about a game of playing cards. The follow up is to know when to walk away and when to run away.

This sums up life! It is imperative to have goals, set priorities and take control, instead of letting others be in command.

Think about teaching responsibility to children. If they are not held accountable, children will not learn the skills of healthy decision-making. The training time, called childhood, requires ongoing follow up from adults. We want our children to learn how to make decisions to mature into responsible adults.

As adults, we have so much to learn. Be prepared to say “no” when a responsibility is going to do more harm than good in your life. True, we can’t always make that judgment at the outset, but when the reality sets in to show a hurtful path, say “no” and walk or run away.

So many of these decisions are made daily without even realizing how we are deciding to hold ‘em or fold ‘em. Use the grocery coupon or keep it for another shopping trip; stay at the job or find another work environment that is more compatible with your personality; vote to replace the seasoned politician or keep the one currently in office; continue with old religious beliefs or search for a more comfortable set of principles; keep or throw away memory items and unused clothing, and more and more and more.

Writing down the pros and cons of decision-making can bring answers to many dilemmas. State the problem, and then list every possible solution, even if it seems unrealistic. Next, circle the answers which show what you realistically can do and will do.
Plan your work, then work your plan.

This writing technique works with huge problems, small pesky problems, and all those issues in between. Let the words flow naturally, knowing this is a personal, private exercise to solve problems. It’s best to talk about the big issues with someone you trust in order to get feedback. Do you trust yourself?

If only life came with a how-to manual!

Just as I figured out what to do with job offers, marriage proposals, buying a house, wall painting decisions, how to make Mom decisions, when to look for a new car, juggling to pay bills, what to do with the broken telephone, and so many more small and large decisions, I continue to learn when to hold tight and when to walk or run away.

Not every decision is perfect. Life is not perfect! No one is perfect!
I have experienced phases when my usual drive to write became a burden on my daily life. When the going was too rough, I evaluated my goals and made adjustments. There was a time when I realized taking a break from the writing gave me the answers I needed. Other times I recognized the struggle came when I wasn’t taking care of myself by following my writing and teaching passions. Writing is like climbing Mt. Everest. At first it seems like too much–not even possible. But you can take the first step.

The best we can do is….do our best. It will be right for the present time and for the existing place in our lives. Do your best today so that you don’t mess up tomorrow!

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