Who are the Silver Sages?

The idea of calling my generation the silver sages comes from our graying hair and our enlightened wisdom. No matter what you know or how much you have learned, more insights are gained from living every day to the fullest.

The natural entry into the phase of being a silver sage usually starts around the chronological age of 55+.

Praise and encourage yourself now! It has taken many years of great effort to become more competent in your work and more skillful in your relationships. Also, more knowledgeable about the interactions between your family members and more adept at accepting the surprises life presents to you. About the only thing that comes without effort is natural aging.

Being referred to as a silver sage is much more tolerable than being called elderly or old or young lady or old geezer. Silver sages learn many guiding words of wisdom, and hopefully, will freely share them with others. Treat us with respect – no name calling!

The sixty-somethings all have one stage of life in common. This phase of development is the senior crisis. It takes many years of hard work to get over the commotion of the midlife crises in order to find a more productive path to a happier life. Then, little by little, the things we worked so hard for don’t haunt us anymore. Don’t get too comfortable. It’s time to move on! A silver sage is on a journey full of learning possibilities plus many changes. I do savor being a work in progress!

In my early sixties, I recognized how much the evolution of the career senior crisis was disrupting my life. The old routine of competing with younger job seekers had to end. It was time to give up the horrid chase for a better work life, hoping it would lead to a position in top management, along with the alleged promise of a big bucks salary with bonuses. How exhausting! Every day, age discrimination continues to be alive and well. I want to be the real me, not the pretend me who was always trying to fit the mold, created by others.

Ongoing advances in the field of medicine have made it possible to live longer than ever before. While a longer life provides opportunities for those sixty-five and older to do things that had been put on hold to raise families and work, it can also create a feeling of isolation and loneliness. The new concept of working an encore career has great merit for anyone who retires from the drudgery of a job and finds a new career. It is an opportunity to follow today’s dreams, passions and creativity.

Aging enables us to build on problem solving skills from the past. Keep asking questions! We will never know everything there is to know. Of this, I am sure; every problem has at least one solution and usually three or four answers. Pick the best answer, the one that feels the most comfortable.

It’s never too late to reinvent yourself. Being a silver sage led me to realize how important it is to make positive changes that will affect the rest of my life. Aging is a journey of change.

A key idea is to strive to keep the timeless treasurers from life and let go of the useless details. Create a balance to unclutter the things and people in your life. Silver sages learn it is no longer wise to predict what they will or will not do in given situations. We know the frustrations of prejudging, only to find ourselves wrong. Listen, learn, and then decide each individual situation by using the insights gained from the past. Change is necessary and possible, with an abundance of awareness and a positive approach.

Recognize the truth that you are much more
then you imagine yourself to be.

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