Who is Your GURU?

What tests and challenges have you faced to find your own treasures within yourself? While searching for a personal Guru to follow in his or her lifestyle, did you find your own inner Guru – Gratitude that You Are You or Gratitude that U R U or GURU?

Guru is a term most often used to describe a teacher, a guide and an expert of great wisdom who is a master of a certain knowledge or field.

The word guru has many meanings coming from many countries. In the USA, the word guru is commonly used as a noun which means the imparter of knowledge. When used as an adjective, it means generous with understandings and spiritual wisdoms. The poet, Maya Angelou, recommended we recognize and celebrate our heroes and she-roes! Following their examples can present the life path needed in many situations.

When anyone is stumbling blindly in the darkness it helps to find someone who has eyes beyond the mundane. Gurus are not here to hold onto us. They come into our lives to give us needed help and are ready to step aside when it is time to move on.

For several decades I admired “G” and considered her as my She-roe, until earthly qualities came to the fore revealing disappointing decisions affecting all the immediate family members. I never viewed her as a godlike teacher. She wasn’t a spiritual guide to me. She was more of a human earth angel, always there for me, or so I thought. At the point when I became aware of her many admirable qualities, I wrote down characteristics I wanted to incorporate in my life style. “G” was human, just like me. Neither of us could have been considered perfect. No one is perfect.

I have been the symbolic tea bag that became stronger whenever it was put in hot water. Outside influences have come in to help and sometimes they have hindered. When I allow my inner Guru to help during tough times, I can then believe in myself to follow my own right action. It is a continuing journey of gaining more self confidence for personal growth.

Who were and who are your he-roes and she-roes? Have they changed as you accepted aging as a full time job? What admirable qualities and characteristics do they have which are missing in your life? Perhaps it’s their lifetime of doing good deeds, or not holding grudges, or admirable work ethics, or love of family and friends or listening skills or even their sense of color coordination.

The person you are admiring as your guru can help you learn from him/her to create a more fulfilling life. List each guru’s admirable qualities, then take private time to study one at a time in order to add each one to your personal inner self to be your own Guru.
The song, “The Wind Beneath My Wings” suggests heroes are admired for being everything you would like to be. With the traits that person has shared, it is possible to succeed, symbolically, by flying higher than an eagle to be the best you can be.

Express gratitude daily for being able to be your own Guru.

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