Why Do You Want To Be A Blogger?

Professional bloggers can set up blogging sites with all the whistles and bells any author can imagine. Searching to find the correct, perfect way is a method that leads to frustration if you are a perfectionist. Let’s review. Perfect only lasts for the moment. Then life moves forward and that view of being perfect no longer exists.

If you want to write a blog or if you are now blogging, continue to learn everything you can about the subject. Read the most recent articles available to get updated information for your journey down the path of blogging. Take classes, talk with peers, attend workshops. Be the best you can be by learning from others.

Answer the standard questions about your motivation to write blogs.
Who, What, Where, When, Why and How?

Once you discover those answers, move on to consider your potential readership. First write for yourself, then consider your target audience. Just because you are interested in a jewelry collection for dogs and cats does not mean there is an audience out there who would want to read weekly or monthly articles about that subject. Perhaps there are animal lovers who would enjoy reading those articles. You won’t know until your creativity takes you there to find out.

I feel offended for the writer who is on the receiving end of a negative critique given by someone who does not know anything about you or your subject matter. They say you broke the rules. You ask who wrote the rules for my creativity?

The most popular blog categories include fashion, travel, food, music, photography, weddings, celebrity news, real estate, cars and beauty.
The technical aspects of setting up and maintaining a blog site are complicated enough to scare many people away. Hire someone to set up the blog site while you are concentrating on the creative content.

Marcia Casar Friedman

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