1. Why do men throw babies up in the air and catch them as they fall down?
2. Why do women hold a baby on their lap, giving them a jiggling ride up and down, while the baby is drinking from a bottle?
3. Why do men hold one arm and one leg of infants and toddlers while they hydroplane them around and around in a dizzy circle?
4. Why can’t I have it all?
5. Why am I afraid of the unknown?
6. Why do people say “she aged well”?
7. Why do politicians ask us what we want and then do what they want?
8. Why are lawyers readily available for the rich and not on hand to help the poor?
9. Why are football players paid millions of dollars more than a soldier who puts his life on the line to fight for our freedom? Both of them wear helmets and work in a combat zone.
10. Why am I offended when I hear someone refer to me as old?
11. Why is female frontal nudity acceptable in the movies, but not male frontal nudity?
12. Why is negative news more popular than positive news in media print?
13. If men have more muscles and are stronger than women, why are women doing the heavy housework like scrubbing floors, vacuuming the carpeting, washing windows and hauling laundry?
14. Why do men forget everything and women remember everything?
How many women’s sports use something called an “instant replay?”

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