Wishes can come true

Some people believe wishes can only come true if you keep them a private secret. Others believe wishes come true only if you tell the secret wish to someone else. Follow your beliefs as long as they work for you.
A wish is a hope or desire for something. Wishes are dreams and goals. Writing wishes helps to solidify their purpose. Changing and updating wishes is an ongoing project because aging is a full time job! Write and revise your wish list to show your current bucket list. What are your goals to accomplish before you kick the bucket?
Making a wish then blowing out candles on a birthday cake, seeing a shooting star at night, tossing a coin into a fountain or breaking the wishbone off a cooked turkey, are all wonderful opportunities to focus to summon up wishes.
Aging enables us to put a perspective on wishes from childhood. Inside each one of us, is the child who will always be there, ready to come out with a bit of prodding. Wanting the chocolate ice cream sundae like the one Dad bought for me at age nine while we were at the circus is always inside of me. Eating that ice cream and suffering from lactose intolerance has changed the wish into a wonderful memory I wish to keep.
An active wish list includes:
 Knowing and accepting the real self while continuing to change and improve.
 Accomplish artistic endeavors, such as creative writing.
 Think positively, act confidently, and be optimistic.
 Accepting limitations, improve current strengths.
 Smile and laugh every day.
 Wish for more positive wishes to come true.

Many how-to books guide us on the path to making wishes come true. If you believe in spells, mantras, or good luck charms use them, or use whatever makes you feel comfortable.
The power of positive thinking, along with solid positive concentration and constant practice are the best tools to make your wishes come true. Intending to do something isn’t enough to pave the way for the dream to come true. Throwing a goal out to the Universe isn’t enough. To succeed, it is essential to concentrate fully, while positively knowing a triumphant outcome is here. Pursue the dream daily to invite a wish to come true.
Just do it!
What do you want to change for the present and for the future?
The 30-day wishes come true program:
Describe, in writing, the 3 most important wishes you have for the next 30 days. Make them honest, sensible, and realistically attainable within 30 days.
Read those 3 reasonable and achievable wishes every day, at least once to yourself, and twice out loud.
Visualize the results you want from those wishes.
Know, really know, and truly believe that you are attracting the wishes to yourself. See, hear, smell, feel and taste them as being real!

Dreams can come true
if you have the courage to pursue them

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