Writers Are Sales People

“Every one lives by selling something.”
Robert Louis Stevenson

Writer’s who want to sell their works are sales people. Just like looking for a traditional job, writers must sell themselves and their products. Whether you want to write a screen play, novel, magazine articles or any form of writing for publication, being a salesperson is part of the deal.

Convincing yourself and motivating yourself to write, requires selling the idea to yourself. This includes evaluating goals and adding more relevant skills all the time. The decision is never set in stone. Changing your mind is encouraged until the choice feels right.

If writing for others is todays decision, then selling your creativity takes various writing techniques to sell the final product. It is the path to becoming an author/entrepreneur. A writer writes. An author writes and publishes.

It takes research to sell yourself on the best method to publish your writings. Bring out your most comfortable, flexible sales pitch for editors, publishers, printers and especially the target audience.

Writers sell themselves to the public by way of all methods of marketing that are available. You decide whether you can get out in public to give talks or stay with social media or hire a marketing firm.

Engage others to help with selling your writings. They can spread the word by recommending your writings. A “Testimonial” means a favorable report on your work’s qualities and virtues.

Your appearance is a promotional opportunity for you. Include a mini seminar by first thinking of the benefit to the potential customer. During book signings, authors concentrate on being friendly and interested in the reader. Autographed books are more valuable.

Sign up to sell your book on as many different platforms as possible:
Create a user friendly website.
Offer free chapters of your book in exchange for emails on your author website so that you can start building an email list.
Social Media
Host a game night like Bingo or make up a game according to the topic in your book. Winner of the game receives one of your books.
Talk radio interviews establish credibility.
A live reading in a library, book store, coffee shop, birthday party, social group, magic show, writing groups and anywhere that would attract readers to your genre.
Use eBook submission sites to get more exposure.
Team up with other authors to help promote your book.
Reach out to notable bloggers and ask for book reviews.
Hand out business cards, flyers, calendars, letter openers, book marks or any give away the reader might use and share.

Writing for yourself is the most healing and the most fun way to write. I believe all writing that starts with writing for yourself is the most successful. Writing for others requires self motivation, strong organizational skills, effective productivity habits, a realistic sense of time management, and the ability to sell yourself and your writing project.

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