Writing is healing

I write about feelings, self-esteem, aging thoughts, loneliness and more. All subjects faced by every age level, but silver sages (seniors) have a different view due to years of experience in a much less technological world. Reading, thinking and writing about personal experiences can help us come to terms with the natural changes that appear with every stage of aging.

Writing is healing! Especially for people who are ready and willing to improve their lives. Actively striving to be the best that you can be is a caring, private and healthy journey!

Everyone can write. Especially if you want to live your life your own way. There are many opportunities to write privately in a journal, on the computer or talking into a tape recorder. Just Do It For Yourself!
It takes work to make improvements in a set lifestyle. Anything worthwhile takes effort. Writing and analyzing situations has given me more rewards than I could ever have imagined.

Recognize and accept the truth that you are much more than you envision yourself to be! Let’s drink to that with a confidence cocktail:
Confidence Cocktail

1. Believe in your own ability to handle whatever comes along.
2. Self-Talk. Praise and encourage yourself, and listen to yourself.
3. Be flexible to adapt to a variety of situations.
4. Praise yourself for dealing with adjustments and moving forward to a better life.
5. Focus on the things you do well to build confidence.
6. Stay updated. Cut your losses from previous experiences and learn from them.
7. Practice being patient with yourself first, then with others.
8. Not every decision you make is perfect. Life is not perfect! No one is perfect!
9. Trust your gut feelings.
10. Let go of old long held angers, hurts, blames, grudges, and even stubbornness.

Which of the ten ingredients in the confidence cocktail are you comfortable with most of the time?

Which of the ten cocktail ingredients are you the least comfortable with most of the time? Why?

Practice by using one new characteristic for a week. Then move onto another and another, until you have improved your confidence in each area.

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